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Three Students Won Management Debate

Parahyangan English Debate Society (PEDs) ranked 3rd in the EURECA Cup organized by the Prasetya Mulya University in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City from Tuesday (28/2) to Friday (3/3).

The team consisting of two female students of International Relations (HI) class of 2013, Jeanne Sanjaya and Ancilla Pramudita, and a student of Civil Engineering class of 2015, Marcelino Raditya, won the 4 million IDR prize, certificate and plaque.

Marcel, Marcelino Raditya’s calling name, mentioned that the contest themed economic management consisted of several categories, such as Business Plan, English Debate Competition, and Marketing. He said the competition has been held six times but this year’s new English-language debate competition has been organized as the previous years’ debate used Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesia national language).

According to Jeanne, the team’s preparations took no more than three weeks, including preparing the motions, acquire data, and conduct research. Ancilla added that every time prior to the competition, the team will hold a brainstorming session.

“We do not practise every day. Creating a prepared motion with a web-cam or by phone because Jeanne was an intern in Jakarta, while our ‘brother’ here is about to face his exams (Middle Semester Exam), I was working while working on the thesis as well. We rarely get together. We meet once a week, if possible, “said Ancilla.

As Jeanne explained, the team rehearsed by searching for data and putting it into the analysis that has been created to turn into motions. With the addition of examples and facts, Ancilla added, the strength of the arguments will be greater. Because PEDs sent two teams to compete in Eureca, Ancilla and friends. Had a sparring session with the other team.

Although the three students are not from Management or Economics department, with frequent reading and research, according to Marcel, understanding the material becomes easier although they encountered many unfamiliar terms.

“Fortunately, the economic material (in Eureca) was general knowledge, so there was not much catching up to be done. The important thing is the aid from teammates who are more experienced in PEDs and Economics, “said Marcel, while smiling at his two colleagues.

In the semifinal against the team from the University of Indonesia (UI), Jeanne said, the jury, consisting of three people, was split into two: only one of whom favors Ancilla and friends.

“We always lose with a thin margin, but it was intended for our learning and motivation. We are very likely to beat them, if we can improve (our weakness). We could be better “said Ancilla.