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TI Unpar Held Industrial Challenge Goes to School 2018

The Industrial Engineering Study Program at Parahyangan Catholic University (TI Unpar) once again held the 2018 Industrial Challenge Goes to School (ICGS) which was in its 6th year. The event took place at the Unpar Campus and lasted for two days, namely from Friday (2/11) until Saturday (3/11).

With the theme “Preserving Environmental Sustainability through Product Development”, this time ICGS is a place for high school students to design a product that is used to sustain life in the future.

Participants consisted of more than 15 high schools in the cities ranging from Bandung to Lampung. On the first day, all participants underwent quiz sessions and betting related to the product design competition. All participants also participated in sharing sessions from FTI Unpar alumni. At the end of the first day, they were invited to take a laboratory tour session to get to know the lecture environment at FTI Unpar.

Entering the second day, semifinal and final sessions were held which were at the core of the ICGS program.

The participants who were selected as winners received a number of prizes, one of which was a study scholarship at the FTI Unpar Study Program for each individual in a team. On this occasion, the top 3 winners were won by SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Bandung (3rd place), Santo Aloysius SA High School (2nd place), and Trinitas Bandung Senior High School (1st place).

The ICGS program is expected to increase the interest and talent of students since they were in high school, especially by introducing Unpar Industrial Engineering.