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The Students’ Choir Tribute to Legacy with Parahyangan Heritage Concert

The Paduan Suara Mahasiswa / Students’ Choir (PSM) once again performed its annual concert on Thursday (3/9). Held in the Post-graduate building of Parahyangan Catholic University, the concert was entitled Parahyangan Heritage.

There were a total of 13 songs performed which were divided into 2 sessions. Session 1 comprised exclusively of songs written by Parahyangan Catholic University alumni composers, while session 2 was filled with songs from the 20th – 21th century by various international composers.

The Parahyangan Catholic University alumni composers are: Dody Soetanto, Reza Reginaldo, Ega O. Azarya, Daniel Alexander, Satriya Krisna, Rainier Revireino, and Ivan Yohana.

Heritage was not only limited to song choices. Ivan Yohana, who was given the honor to be the conductor, was the perfect choice considering his background as one of Parahyangan Catholic University alumni, According to Karen. Ivan has previously led the PSM to glory in Arrezo, Italy in 2013 and Spittal, Austria in 2014. “His quality is unquestionable” she added.

In this concert the PSM sang a ccapela style without any musical instrument accompanying whatsoever. “Actually we quite often perform in this style but for a whole concert to be performed in accapela style is quite rare” Karen stated.

The audience was pleased with the PSM’s performance that night. Proven by a loud ovation and the addition of 2 additional songs not listed on the song list, Slow Scat and Two Moves, and Joshuaa Fought the Battle of Jericho. “It was a great concert, there were variety of songs not only classical but also contemporary,” according to Puspa Emiliana, 54, one of the audience who was present that night.

In addition to Bandung, the PSM will also perform a similarly titled concert at the Usmar Ismail Film Center Jakarta on Sunday (6/9)


Zico Sitorus

Source: Media Parahyangan – “PSM Menghormati Warisan dengan Konser Parahyangan Heritage.”