The Inaugural Indonesian Infrastructure of Entrepreneurship workshop

On Janury 13, 2015, the US Foreign Commercial Services invited the Indonesia GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) represented by Catharina Badra Nawangpalupi (a Lecturer at the Industrial Technology Faculty of Parahyangan Catholic University) to attend workshop on “The Inaugural Indonesian Infrastructure of Entrepreneurship (workshop)” an event discussing the entrepreneurship situation in Indonesia.

It was attended by more than 20 institutions representing the government, researchers, educators, capitalist venture/ investors and bussinessmen. The event tries to identify primary challenges for entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

The result of the discussion can be narrowed down to four primary factors hampering entrepreneurship in Indonesia, namely:

  1. Lack of training towards entrepreneurship
  2. Unsupportive outlook/mindset towards entrepreneurship
  3. Lack of resources access
  4. Inability to increase the scale of business.

From the factors above concrete steps and ways were discussed by the stakeholders in entrepreneurship. Among the necessary steps to be actualized is the need for a database system, to be precise a database system for all related information on best entrepreneurship practices and the improvement of cooperation between stakeholders.