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The Importance of Community Empowerment on Water Resources Management in Bandung

Water as one of the resources that has strategic value in improving welfare and development is now facing many problems in terms of availability, utilization, and development and management.

Regarding to the matter, on the 20th of September 2014 was held the 6th National Seminar of Water Resources Engineering with the theme “Water Resources Management in Cities” at Parahyangan Catholic University. This national seminar is an annual event which aims to build communication between academicians, researchers, water and environmental observers as well as the community to collectively share knowledge and experience to enhance the performance of water resources in groundwater management.

This seminar was held at the first time in 2006 upon the initiation of 3 universities in Bandung (Parahyangan Catholic University, National Institute of Technology and University of General Achmad Yani along with the Research and Development Center of Water Resources and the Association of Indonesia Hydraulic Engineers Bandung branch (now as West Java branch). Today it has expanded with a broader networking, involving several other universities (such as Bandung Institute of Technology, Maranatha Christian University, Langlangbuana University, and Bandung State Polytechnic) as well as several government agencies (PSDA West Java Province, Department of Highways and Irrigation Bandung, and Great Hall of Citarum River Region).

More than 430 participants at this seminar was presented with 25 papers, discussing about spatial water and urban areas synergism, urban river restoration efforts, conservation of groundwater, urban flood management, the implementation of environmental drainage system, efforts to provide clean water and sanitation, waste and waste water management, as well as institutions and community empowerment in water management.

Regarding many issues about water resource in the cities at the moment, role of the government along with the society becomes very essential to be able to organize the management of water resources in an integrated system to urban areas by integrating the interests of various sectors, regions, and the stakeholders in the field of water resources. Moreover, universities as an educational institution has played a key role to support problem solving and implementation of a development concept that is sustainable, especially in urban areas such as Bandung.