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The Government Invites Unpar to Build Serang Regency

The involvement of universities in the development of local communities is currently considered as very important. Universities are considered capable of producing real solutions to local problems, through relevant science approaches and qualified research. This prompted various local governments to cooperate with various universities, and one of them is Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar).

On Friday (23/2), Unpar welcomed the arrival of the Government of Serang Regency, Banten, who visited to formalize the cooperation between Unpar and this Regency. The Regent of Serang Ratu Tatu Chasanah was accompanied by the Vice Regent of Serang Pandji Tirtayasa, the Regional Secretary Agus Erwana, and the Head of the Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah/Local Government Work Unit (SKPD) and the local officials of Serang Regency.

Representatives from Serang Regency were received directly by Unpar’s Rector Mangadar Situmorang, Ph. D and his staffs. Unpar’s Rector was involved in a cordial conversation with the Regent of Serang related to the current condition of Serang Regency and Unpar, as well as the problems and expectations of each party. For Tatu, her arrival at Unpar felt like “homecoming” because she had pursued her bachelor’s education at the Faculty of Economics Unpar.


MoU signing

As an official form of cooperation between Unpar and the Government of Serang Regency, on this occasion Unpar’s Rector and the Regent of Serang signed a  Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This MoU contains several points of cooperation, one of them is in the field of development and urban planning through cooperation between the government and Faculty of Engineering (FT) of Unpar.

Previously, Dr. Mangadar shed some light on Unpar and the current challenges it faces. One of them is what steps are taken by Unpar’s academic community in improving and implementing research and community service to society, especially related to national and local government policy. Therefore, he stated that Unpar is ready to foster good relations and cooperate wholeheartedly with the Serang Regency “Hopefully this cooperation can be successful, and beneficial to the government of Serang Regency and all of the Serang residents,” he explained.

Next, the Regent of Serang, Ratu Tatu briefly introduced the representatives of the government who were present and the condition of Serang Regency in general. Although the area has tremendous potential compared to other Regencies in Banten Province, there are still problems that require solutions, one of which will be achieved through cooperation with Unpar. “With this MoU I really hope we will increase other agreements in the future,” she said, mainly among related departments and faculties.

The MoU signing ceremony ended with the exchange of souvenirs both from Unpar and Serang District, as well as taking a group picture and socializing.