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The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences 54th Anniversary “Sabilulungan, Runtut Raut Sauyunan”

“54 years is considered as a mature age in a human being’s age, but not for a faculty or an educational institution…..”

It is part of the speech conveyed by Dr. Banowati Talim, the speaker/Orator in the oration of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Parahyangan Catholic University 54th anniversary on Wednesday August 19, 2015. The event was held at the Mgr. Geisse Lecture Theater, building 3 (FISIP UNPAR). The anniversary took a theme from Sundanese language “Sabilulungan, Runtut Raut Sauyunan”, which means living harmoniously in togetherness. The togetherness in this context means mutual aid, cooperation mutual help, mutual support and being friendly for the good of all.

As part of his report, the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Dr. Pius Sugeng Prasetyo, briefly overviewed the history of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Parahyangan Catholic University since its conception until now. He also told a story of how the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno, attended the Faculty of Social And Political Sciences establishment in 1961, and later gave the status “Disamakan/Equal” to all departments within it without having to go through “Diakui/Acknowledged” and “Terdaftar/Registered”. It was a form of an extraordinary trust of a President to Parahyangan Catholic University.

Other than brief overview of the faculty’s history and development, the Dean also explained that currently we are facing challenges such as: competition, quality improvement, and creation of future leaders from the faculty.

In his speech entitled “A Great FISIP: A Great UNPAR”, the Rector of Parahyangan Catholic University, Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D conveyed that an anniversary is a moment of evaluation for the previous year and to look forward to the next year. He also stated that an anniversary celebration, essentially reminds us of three things the reinforcement of the direction of faculty’s development (direction), alignment between students, lecturers, study program and university (alignment), to strengthen the commitment to go forward together (commitment)

Ir. Iwan Setiadi, representing the Parahyangan Catholic University Foundation hoped the Faculty of Social And Political Sciences can be actively involved in the transformation process from good UNPAR to Great UNPAR. He went further to say that the base of all discussion concerning the efforts to achieve Great UNPAR is the quality of its Human Resource. Only with high quality Human Resource can UNPAR transform to become Great UNPAR.

Dr. Banowati Salim, in her Oration entitled “Perubahan diri yang Berkelanjutan: Sebuah Catatan dalam Memulai Transformasi FISIP yang Humanum 2015-2019 / Continuing Self Change: a note on initiating Transformation of a Humane FISIP 2015-2019” stated that this transformation put an emphasis on humanities aspect that needs to be the center of attentions of all agents of change at FISIP and at UNPAR in general. She reminded that human existence holds a key in FISIP’s transformation; therefore, potential, virtue, a person or an organization member’s capability must become the main foundation in conducting process of change. The main point is how leaders can reward the humanity aspect of organization members so that they are more committed and engaged to the organization.

To close her oration, she conveyed “every step of change will begin with a small step that will lead to the next. FISIP UNPAR needs to continually reflect upon itself to constantly realize the need to do continuing change. The involvement of all employees whose “humanity” is respected will become the main foundation of FISIP’s success in realizing a meaningful change as formulated in the strategic planning 2015-2019”.

Other than a congratulation for FISIP’s 54th anniversary, an important note was also given by Drs. Yayat Ahdiyat, who stated that FISIP UNPAR’s alumni exist and are spread in many fields, both in private sector, government institutions or boards serving under ministries or state high level institutions. Many are currently strategically positioned in government and/or private enterprises.

In this event FISIP UNPAR also gave awards to outstanding students, and conveyed book donations to five elementary school libraries, namely: Bandung Baru 1 Elementary School, Bandung Baru 2 Elementary School, Ciumbuleuit 1 Elementary School, Ciumbuleuit III Elementary School, and Ciumbuleuit IV Elementary School.