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The Faculty of Industrial Engineering Opens a New Study Program: Electronics with the Mechatronics Concentration Study Program

22 years is certainly not a short period of time for a faculty to serve in the fields of education and research, yet the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FTI) is still considered as one of the ‘youngest’ in UNPAR. Nonetheless, FTI has shown itself with rapid and impressive development over the past years. Established in 1993, the Faculty has three undergraduate programs and two post-graduate (masters’) programs. The Industrial Engineering study program has been granted A in accreditation, while the Chemical Engineering study program has been granted a solid B in accreditation, and undergoing efforts of improvements. The Electronic Engineering study program is the newest program, opened by the faculty. All of this was mentioned in the introduction by the faculty Dean, Dr. Paulus Sukapto, Ir., MBA. On the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University ‘s 22nd anniversary.

A total of 842 Industrial Engineering, and 479 Chemical Engineering students are actively participating in the learning process, while students on leave amount to 2 and 1 student(s) respectively. In 2014/2015, 188 Industrial Engineering students, and 133 Chemical Engineering students graduated. At the Faculty of Industrial Engineering’s 22nd anniversary oration ceremony held on 28 April 2015, the award ceremony for distinguished students from both semesters in 2014/2015 with an average GPA of 3.85-4.00 was held.

Other than the outstanding academic achievements of its students, the Faculty is also proud of its two lecturers: Dr. Johana Renny Octavia Hariandja, ST., MSc., PDeng. who was awarded outstanding lecturer of KOPERTIS regional IV (the Coordinator of Private University regional IV West Java) in 2014. Meanwhile Catharina Badra Nawangpalupi, Ph.D was chosen as distinguished lecturer by APTIK (Association of Catholic Universities) in 2015. The Faculty also proudly presents the Electronic Engineering with Mechatronics concentration study program.

Lecturers from the faculty have produced research, conducted individually, in internal teams or teams with other university lecturers both locally and internationally. Numerous companies also supported the afore mentioned research. They are a form of dedication from the faculty to the development of science.

The Dean’s report delivered personally by Dr. Paulus Sukapto, Ir., MBA was well received by both the University and the Foundation. Furthermore the Rector expressed his belief that with the current quality of lecturers and academic staffs, the faculty is ready to open a Doctoral program in the next 5 years. Father Hendra Kimawan, OSC. As the Secretary of UNPAR’s Foundation hoped that FTI will continue to improve upon what has been achieved.