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The Event of “Warna-Warni Indoensiaku”

On 25-27 November 2010, the Department of Architecture Student Association in Parahyangan Catholic University, has conducted the show “Warna-Warni Indonesiaku”. The event was held in order to celebrate the 25th birthday of the Green Architecture which is intended to introduce more things about green architecture to the public. Green Architecture is a place for architecture students who have an interest in vernacular architecture.

This event involves various communities in Bandung City as Wanadri, Green Map of Bandung, Geotis Studio, and Ars86care and it is filled with various activities such as exhibitions, book launches “Expedition of Sumbawa’s Tepal” and “Journey to Wonderland”, along discussions with Marco Architecture Kusumawijaya, Ahmad Djuhara, and Varani Kosasih as the speakers.

Two previous books of their works entitled The Dragon and the nage which contains about Naga tribal life in West Java and Nusa Tenggara Nage tribe Timur.Dalam Green Architecture event featured along with their works in the form of a map of the archipelago covers 2.5 x6 meters using mineral water bottle cap , also showed off photos of their expedition.