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The 2014-2015 III Graduation Day “A Great UNPAR: Great Alumni”

On Saturday August 8, 2015, Parahyangan Catholic University held the 2014-2015 III Graduation Day at the Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA). This graduation day is the second to be held at this place, due to the fact that the multi-purpose building at campus on Ciumbuleuit Street is still undergoing repair. The repair is a part of the Ernst-Geisse learning center building development program at campus.

In this event, UNPAR graduated 893 graduates from Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral program. Up to July 6 2015, UNPAR has graduated precisely 54.060 alumni, who are currently spread in different areas even abroad, with various occupation and enterprises. Many among the alumni have succeeded in their line of work and publicly well known.

In his speech entitled “A Great UNPAR: A Great Alumni”, The Rector of Parahyangan Catholic University, Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D stated that Great Alumni can only be produced through Great Process of higher education. Therefore, what is called A Great UNPAR is mainly directed to the quality of its alumni. He put forward an analogy of “Like father like son”, which literally means “A university is known and famous for its fruit, that is its alumni” therefore, A Great UNPAR can happen when the alumni are great, a great UNPAR means great alumni.

The Rector went further and warned the graduates about the oncoming challenges and hurdles they will face. But at the same time, there will be many opportunities and chances. With the knowledge, personalities and experience gained while going to UNPAR, will hopefully enable them to overcome all those challenges and hurdles.

The Rector also hoped that the graduates can maintain networks of cooperation, mutually aiding and supporting, mutually reminding, develop and maintain networks, communicate politely and productively, keep on learning and developing themselves, nurture respect towards differences and diversity, respect other people’s right, obey existing rules and norms, and keep competing in doing virtues for mutual, societal, and national progress. Because that is the only way they can prove that UNPAR is a great university.