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Challenges Of Missionary Duties In Facing The Demand of Time

Going into 2017, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) reached the age of 62. The journey of more than six decades has proven Unpar’s success in facing the challenges and demands of these changing times. Challenges to the missionary duties of Unpar which continue today, requires that every Unparian must continue to innovate, in order to accommodate the changes and demands of the times.

In an interview with the Rector of Unpar, Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D., he said “One thing that becomes a constant challenge we face, in relation to higher education, is the matter of standardization, accreditation, internationalization, digitization, and various other things,” he said related to the future challenges of higher education of the day.

The current challenge, he added, will not reduce the missionary purpose of Unpar establishment as a university, which is to educate the younger generation of Indonesia, so that they become independent, mature, and make a contribution to the development of society and the nation. In addition, these contributions are crucial for human civilization, as well as for maintaining the integrity of nature and the environment.

Faced with the demands of today, such as standardization and internationalization of universities, Unpar remains critical. This is based on the primary task of higher education as carried out by Unpar which is essentially the same, namely educating and enabling young people. This is the task that will still be performed by Unpar.

For the Rector , the current challenge is how the missionary objectives assumed by Unpar can progress well, in line with the demands and insistence of commercialization, industrialization, and globalization of higher education, which is mainly taking place in Indonesia. For this reason, Unparians need to continue to develop themselves in the face of change.

On this occasion, Unpar wants to affirm its commitment as an academic community that is humane. “We need to continually cultivate thought, process feelings, and all educational activities that we carry out,” he concluded.