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#STUDMRKT.2015: Entrepreneurship Actualization

The Center for Business Studies (CEBIS) and the Business Administration Laboratory of Parahyangan Catholic University held #STUDMRKT.2015 on Tuesday, May 12-13, 2015 at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Parahyangan Catholic University’s parking area. The event consisted of a business expo, a workshop, and art performances. #STUDMRKT.2015 is a product exhibition of Business Simulation (SIMBIS) 2015 students which is part of entrepreneurship actualization for the Business Administration students.

Besides functioning as student entrepreneurship actualization, the event is also useful for students facing enterepreneurship in the future, in accordance with its motto “I Create, I Take a Risk, I Live my Passion, I am an Entrepreneur!”. The success of Business Simulation has been proven by having alumni as entrepreneurs. Among them is Monica Handradjid, an alumni who owns ArmLeather. In line with its name, ArmLeather makes leather products.

Other than a design workshop of leather-based products, there were also a design workshop on natural coloring by Miriam Veronica Ni Nyoman, Basic Coffee by Stefan Setiadi (co-owner of Two Hands Full, SCAA Certified Barista) and product photography by Nathania Eliza with her team. These workshop titles really caught the participants’ attention, among others: the emergence of online business that triggers the growth of handmade products, the emergence of coffee shops that has become a lifestyle, and the more affordable price of professional cameras that made photography loved by the society.

Apart from the workshop, this SIMBIS expo also offered varieties of culinary products rangir from traditional snacks to modern cuisine. Besides culinary products, fashion products also dominated this expo: products ranging from clothing to bags of various sizes and colors are available at the provided stands.