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Strenghtening Silaturahmi, Unpar Held Ngabuburit and Buka Bersama

The holy month of Ramadhan is the perfect time to build relationships among people. This is no exception for the Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar), which has long established good cooperation with various parties. In order to strengthen the relationship as well as foster good relations, especially with school partners and the media, Unpar organized the activities of ‘Ngabuburit and Buka Bersama’ on Monday (19/6).

The event held at Novotel Hotel, Bandung was attended by Unpar partners, consisting of various High Schools (SMA) and mass media in Bandung City area. In addition to inviting its partners, Unpar also invited Ustad Mansyur to give Tausiyah Ramadan while waiting for the breaking fast time.

In his Tausiyah/Sermon, Ustad Mansyur stressed the importance of the spirit of brotherhood in everyday life, as reflected in the relationship between Unpar and its partners. He also  his appreciation to Unpar as an institution of higher education which is open to all levels of diverse society. Learning, he said, is an important thing for everyone, not least for Muslims, and Unpar is one of the ways for people to get this opportunity. Fraternity based on a spirit of openness to diversity and tolerance becomes important capital to build a better society.

The Buka bersama/Ifthar/Breaking the Fast activity is a routine activity held by Unpar at Ramadhan. This activity is a proof of Unpar’s openness to the wider community, as well as strengthening Unpar’s commitment in fostering good relations with external parties.