Spirituality and Basic Values

The Parahyangan Catholic University’s academic community has grown and developed in terms of facing new demands. Numerous individual and institutional innovations and achievements have been achieved. Graduates not only possess a high intellect but also a proper conscience. UNPAR’s academic community has always developed science through research and then utilized the result for the benefit of community service, in accordance with the UNPAR’s motto “Bakuning Hyang Mrih Guna Santyaya Bhakti” (Based on Divinity to Pursue Knowledge dedicated Society at large).

UNPAR’s achievements cannot be separated from the spirituality and values instilled in the heart of every individual member of UNPAR academic community. UNPAR’s Spirituality and Basic Values/Spiritualitas dan Nilai-Nilai Dasar UNPAR (SINDU) are rooted in the spirituality of UNPAR’s founding fathers. UNPAR’s vision; the spirit of love in Christian truth; and the holy tradition of wisdom of Sundanese society. Out of the four sources, three basic values can be formulated as follows:

  1. A holistic human being (Humane/Humanum)
  2. Love of Truth (Caritas in Veritate)
  3. Living in Diversity (Bhineka Tunggal Ika)

Those three basic values are embodied in the seven ethical principles that are upeld by every individual in the UNPAR academic community. These are:

  1. Transparency/openness
  2. Transformative attitude
  3. Honesty
  4. Preferential option for the poor
  5. Common Good/Bonum Commune
  6. Subsidiary
  7. Non-profit oriented

For complete information on UNPAR spirituality and basic values (SINDU), a digital pocket book is available here.