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Seven Summits: Female Climbers Reach Denali Summit

Jakarta, Kompas – Two Indonesian female climbers, Fransiska Dimitri Ingkiriwang (23) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (23), managed to reach the summit of Mount Denali in Alaska, United States, Saturday (7/1) at 19:40 local time or Sunday at 22:40 pm. With this achievement, Mount Everest is the only one left to be conquered by climbers from Parahyangan Catholic University to become the first women’s team from Indonesia to reach the top 7 summits of the world.

The success of reaching the summit of Denali (6,190 meters above sea level) was reported by one of the climbers of The Women of Indonesia’s Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala Unpar (WISSEMU) team, Fransiska Dimitri, Monday (3/7), via satellite phone.

“Thanks for the prayers from all my friends in Indonesia. Please keep on praying. We dedicate it all to the unity of Indonesia, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika! ” said Fransiska.

According to Fransiska, the climb to the summit had begun from the high camp (5,242 mdpl) on 1 July 2017 at 10.00 local time. The team took 7 hours 40 minutes to walk as far as 4.01 kilometers with a 901 meter elevation elevation. Throughout the climb, the weather was clear, but strong winds and temperatures reached minus 30 degrees celsius.

According to a spokesman for the WISSEMU team, Nadya A Pattiasina, before climbing the summit of Denali, the team had travelled 13 days since June 19, 2017. “The climb this time is quite difficult due to weather conditions. Several times the ascent was delayed due to storm and snowfall, “she said.

The WISSEMU team has reached the summit of Mount Carstensz Pyramid (4.884 mdpl) representing the Australasia plate in 2014, Mount Elbrus (5.642 mdpl) in the European plate in 2015. They have also reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (5.895 mdpl) representing the African plate in 2015, Mount Aconcagua (6.962 mdpl) representing South America in 2016, and Mount Vinson Massif (4.892 mdpl) representing the Antartic plate in 2017.

WISSEMU Team Manager, Bastian Karamoy announced that the climb to Mount Everest (8.848 mdpl) in next year’s climbing season. If they are able to reach the summit of mount Everest, Fransiska and Mathilda will become the first Indonesian female climbers to conquer the seven summits.

Previously, four climbers from Parahyangan Catholic University, Sofyan Arief Fesa, Xaverius Frans, Broery Andrew Sihombing, and Jonatan Ginting, was recorded as the first Indonesian team that succesfully reached the 7 highest summits in the world in 2011.

Source: Kompas (Tuesday, Juli 4, 2017)