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Seminar on Inspiring and Innovative Learning

On Tuesday, 26th of August 2014, UNPAR Learning Innovation Centre (PIP) UNPAR again held a discussion and sharing event about Inspiring and Innovative Learning. This event was held in the Audio Visual room, aims to enrich the knowledge and experience about learning that has been done by UNPAR lecturers, in the development of educational ideas, the use of media as well as the application of learning methods.

This discussion and sharing event present two speakers: Prof. Dr. Bernardus Arief Sidharta, SH, and Janto Vincent Sulungbudi, S. Si. Prof. Arief is one of the UNPAR Senior Lecturer in the field of law, and Janto Vincent Sulungbudi S.Si., is a physics lecturer that has been teaching in UNPAR for more than 10 years.

Vice Rector on Academic Affairs, Dr. Pius Sugeng Prasetyo opened the event with opening remarks, hoping that this event could serve as a media to share experiences from the seniors that has been involving in the world of education, also to help making learning process more interesting and fun.

The event continued with sharing delivered by Prof. Arief, who shares to the participants about the differences of UNPAR learning system with other places, one of them is UNPAR lecturer that always available and present in giving lecture materials. After that, the event continued with experience sharing by Janto Vincent Sulungbudi S.Si on his personal experience teaching physics. He shares several physics science practice that can be founded easily in daily life. In these examples, he wants to show that learning process could be fun and easy.

Event continued with question and answers session and ended with certificate giving to the speakers.