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SCTV Goes To Campus came to visit Parahyangan Catholic University’s campus on Wednesday, May 6, 2015. Various events were held, namely a News Presenter competition, Open Recruitment & Drop CV, and various coaching clinics such as: Reporter Coaching, Cameraman, Citizen Journalism, and Digital Media. The event held in buildings 3 and 10, has been routinely held by SCTV annually since 1997. This off-air event was held for the purpose of introducing the broadcasting and TV journalism to public.

The purpose of the event was also to discover promising candidates with potential career in television. Several renowned alumni of SCTV Goes To Campus are: Juanita Wiratmadja, Bayu Sutiyono, Indra Muala, Dwi Angga, Grace Natalie, Nova Rini, Kenny Revana, Indah Dian Novita and Dora Multasari.

The outgrowth of theb2.0 era that enables people to share information through personal blogs and social media has drawn interest to the topic of Citizen Journalism in this year’s SCTV Goes To Campus. Citizen Journalism has often become a mainstream media data source getting news. Besides functioning as a source of information, Citizen Journalism also has various functions, such as entertainment, social control, agent of change, and platform for democracy. One of the currently booming is topics deals with holiday. This was revealed in an interactive discussion session, due to audience questions between explanations.

The event Hosted by the Career Development Center of Parahyangan Catholic University, was attended by numerous participants. Even though some of the coaching clinics were held simultaneously, the rooms were still densely packed by enthusiastic participants of the SCTV Goes To Campus.