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Research Training for Students of Trinitas High School Bandung

In cooperation with LPPM UNPAR, Trinitas High School held training to increase the culture of researching for all of the 11th Grade students of Trinitas High School on Wednesday, 17th of September 2014. LPPM also involves lecturer from different fields of study, divided to facilitate the students of Science Program and students of Social Program. Lecturers that contribute to this event are Dr. Bagus Arthaya (Industrial Engineering), Ariesta Arlene, M.T. (Chemical Engineering), Maria Inggrid, M.Si. (Chemical Engineering), Dr. Judith P (Management), S. Ani Berliyanti, Dra., M.Si, (Public Administration) dan Wurianalya Maria N, LLM, S.H. (Law), led by the Head of LPPM.

In this event the students received a briefing about research importance and the steps to do research from research topic, background, problem formulation, research methods, and explanation until writing an explanation for the results and make conclusions. Discussion groups were used by the students to deepen and put in practices all of the briefing that has been given, guided by lecturers and teachers. At the end of the training, the students are given the opportunity to present the results of group discussion, to be discussed and given an input related to the research topic, background, problem formulation and methods of implementation of research activities.