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Preserving Culture by Introducing the Kamoro Tribe

Parahyangan Catholic University in association with PT. Freeport Indonesia held a guest lecturing event entitled: Introducing the Culture of the Tribal Community of Kamoro from the Southern Shores of Papua. The event was held on April 22, 2015 from 10.00 WIB (Indonesia Western Time) in the ADVIS room of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. The lecture was presented by the Professor. Kalman Muller along with his team members: Luluk Intarti, and Father Onesius Oteneli Daeli, OSC, Ph.D. The lecture, featuring Drs. Arie Indra Chandra, M.Si. as the moderator, was opened with forewords from Dr. Pius Sugeng Prasetyo (Vice Rector of Academic, Student, and Alumni Affairs Parahyangan Catholic University) and Spencer Paoh (General Superintendent of Stakeholder Relations & Visitor Support Freeport Indonesia).

Budaya Kamoro 1In his opening speech, Spencer Paoh stated that it was an invaluable opportunity because for some people Papua is like a myth. Most are well aware that Papua is a part of Indonesia, but only a handful gets the opportunity to come and directly observe Papua Culture. The notion that the Asmat is the only tribe in Papua is a common misconception. There are a total of 267 tribes in Papua, and PT. Freeport Indonesia tried to introduce one of them that lives on the southern shores of Papua.

Before experience shared by Prof Kalman Muller and Luluk Intarti based on researching the Kamoro culture, a dance was performed by three representatives of the Kamoro tribe. Participants were very enthusisatic about the event. There was even an overflow of participants from the ADVIS FISIP room. The participants of the lecture were not the only ones to show their enthusiasm. The EXPO conducted in the wind tunnel and lobby of the Rectorate building from April 22 to April 23 from 10 am to 4 pm WIB (Indonesia Western Time), was also filled with participants. Elementary School students visited it to learn how Kamoran live, and they even danced with the Kamoran.

Apart from the communal dance and quilting lesson, they were also given the opportunity to listen to the story telling by Herman Kamoro, a Kamoran himself. Those students came specifically to learn about Kamoran culture really enjoyed the event. Other then the Kamoro traditional dance, a traditional Sundanese dance complete with music was displayed by LISTRA. The event was held because both Parahyangan Catholic University and PT. Freeport Indonesia felt the burden of preserving the wealth of Indonesian culture through its introduction to the youth.