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Preparing New Students to Face Lectures

The beginning of the academic year was marked by the presence of young people who are ready to develop into a whole human being. By holding the title “university student”, they will be educated and fostered through lectures and student activities. Indeed by entering this new environment, new students must learn to adapt as soon as possible. Not only learning to adapt to lectures, but also understanding the values ​​contained in the academic community where they study.

New students in the Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) are also invited to adapt in the world of lectures, through activities known as Initiation and Adaptation (SIAP). As the name implies, in this four-day activity new students prepare themselves to develop themselves at Unpar.

In the report submitted by the Vice Chancellor for Human and Student Capital Dr. Paulus Sukapto — representing the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, in the 2018/2019 academic year, 2,492 Unpar new students participated in the Joint and Faculty SIAP activities. They are students who have successfully passed the selection from 13,716 applicants through various Unpar student admission channels.

Various events are held in SIAP starting Monday to Thursday, August 6-9 2018. At the university level, students are introduced to Spirituality and Basic Values ​​of Unpar (Sindu) and national insights. Meanwhile, at the faculty and study program level, new students receive information related to the lecture curriculum. Among them are the Academic Information System (SIA) and the series of lectures, as well as student organizations such as the study program set.

Besides being filled with the introduction of Unpar from the academic side, SIAP is also filled with student events. The Unpar Presidential Institution (PM Unpar) gave an introduction related to student activities in Unpar, both in the Student Presidency Institute (LKM), the Student Representative Assembly (MPM), and Various Student Activity Units (UKM) at Unpar. To fill leisure time and get to know each other, the SIAP committee has inserted various games and group dynamics.

University Spirit

The choice of students to join Unpar is indeed very appropriate. The Unpar community as an academic community has various basic values ​​that are important for the development of young people.

The university spirit formulated in Sindu was studied by Unpar new students on the first day of SIAP Combined. Three basic values ​​of Unpar, namely creating humanity (humanum), based on love in truth (caritas in veritate) and living in diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) are the core elements that underlie academic and student life on the campus of Parahyangan.

Sindu’s teaching is presented through an interactive and dynamic learning process, facilitated by teaching staff and student mentors. The spirituality points presented are subsequently actualized by new students in accordance with the present context. In other words, the teaching of Sindu not only strengthens the spirit of Unpar in students, but also hones new students to be critical and bring change according to these basic values.

Treating nationality

Various national problems are now coloring society. The loss of cultural values ​​and the erosion of tolerance that threaten unity is a challenge that must be faced by young people, including Unpar students.

Therefore, every new student invited to explore national insight. This love for the nation’s noble values ​​is instilled in every young Unpar studentwith the hope that they can provide real solutions and contribute directly to the development of society and nation.

One of the things celebrated in academic life in Unpar is the diversity of its people. Although carrying the name “Parahyangan”, it does not mean that Unpar is exclusively open to students from Tatar Parahyangan (greater Parahyangan area) alone. Unpar is like a “small Indonesia”, which consists of young people who come from all corners of the archipelago with various ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.

The SIAP Unpar moment was marked by the spirit to care about nationality which was celebrated through the appearance of traditional and contemporary art by students, and was closed with a national flashmob.

Through SIAP Unpar 2018, welcoming new students does not stop at introducing life in the academic environment they are going through. Moreover, SIAP Unpar equips young people of Parahyangan to actualize themselves to face national problems. SIAP Unpar is a gateway for students to hone themselves into a whole and devoted human being to the nation. News and documentation related to SIAP Unpar 2018 can be viewed on the www.unpar.ac.id page [*]

Source: Kompas Griya Ilmu (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)