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Prepare Yourself for The Interconnected World

The development of information and communication technology today has given birth to the digital world. However, the development of the digital world along with its consequences in the world of education, does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with the developing digital literacy. Digital literacy is the ability of individuals to seek, evaluate, use, share, and create information using information technology and the Internet. The growth and development of digital literacy is becoming crucial in addressing the rapid development of information technology and digital communications of today.

On Wednesday (1/2), the Learning Innovation Center  (PIP) Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held a Seminar on Digital Literacy for students and lecturers of Unpar. The speaker on this occasion, Dr. Anuncius Gumawang Jati (Institute Teknologi Bandung) who is also a member of the Unpar Foundation, explains the theoretical framework of the digital literacy of the following aspects of praxis to participants.

The seminar discussed the world that is increasingly interconnected, rapidly changing technology, jobs and skills in the future as well as the characteristics of the generation Z. Prepare Yourself for Interconnected World ‘. This is the important message he conveyed in the seminar that took place in Operation Room, Rectorate Building, Unpar campus, as reported in pip.unpar.ac.id web pages.

Currently , we are dealing with a digital world that is changing rapidly. The Internet era has changed humans in many ways, in terms of how to access the information, how to communicate, how to do business, learning systems, types of work, and more.

He also talked about the various skills required from today’s generation to welcome a variety of jobs in the future which includes: sense making, social intelligence, cross-cultural competencies, computational thinking, new media literacy, transdiciplinarity, designed mindset, and virtual collaboration.

The seminar is expected to promote students as well as lecturers’ awareness of the importance of digital literacy and to determine the actions in order to take advantage from it.