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Cornerstone Laying ceremony for The Arntz-Geise Learning Center

A Cornerstone laying ceremony for the Arntz-Geise Learning Center was held on Friday (25/9) in front of building 3 of Parahyangan Catholic University. The cornerstone laying ceremony began with an inculturation worship led by the Bishop of Bandung, Mgr. Antonius Subianto Bunjamin, OSC. Foundation officials, representatives from the local government, the chief of police of the Cidadap Precinct, and local figures attended the ceremony.

The ceremony began with a cultural prosession and dance performed by LISTRA. In the culural prosession, a Tumpeng was brought to the cornerstone laying site. The Bishop then led the prayer for the cornerstone that will act as the foundation of the building. The worship was meant to ask for safety in the building construction , and to ask for strength for the purpose of strengthening the building and freeing it from any disasters.

The construction of the building had been planned since five years ago. As the name implied, the Arntz-Geise Learning Center is a utility building for all Parahyangan Catholic University academic society, not only for a single unit. In his opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Blasius Sebastianus Kusbiantoro, stated that“in order to solve problems that are becoming more complex, an interdisciplinary approach is needed.” It is hoped that integration will make the problem-solving easier. Arntx-Geise was taken from the names of Parahyangan Catholic University’s two founding fathers: Mgr. P.M. Arntz, OSC and Mgr. Prof. Dr. N. J. C. Geise. OFM.

The Rector of Parahyangan Catholic University, Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D. conveyed his gratitude for the support of all members of Parahyangan Catholic University’s academic society, people of Kecamatan Cidadap, specifically people of Ciumbuleuit, and those who are constructing the building. He hoped that the good will, good intentions, and hard work that contribute to making Parahyangan Catholic University great will run smoothly and be blessed by God almighty.