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Data Processing Training for Nearby Communities

Technology is a tool that can support human labour or tasks to become more effective and efficient. It is unfortunate if the technology is not used to the fullest. The use of technology certainly supports the government’s work program, namely, to serve the community swiftly and accurately. Therefore, civil servants need to have the ability to use technology to assist their daily work.

One of the uses of technology in civil servant tasks today is the computer. The computer consists of several applications. One of the common applications used in data processing is Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel can help speed up the calculation of data accurately. Employees are deemed to have the ability to use the application.

The Industrial Engineering Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held training sessions on Data Processing Using Microsoft Excel for the local community on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 until Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at the  Computational Laboratory I, Faculty of Industrial Technology. These sessions were affected to employees in several subdistricts and urban villages/District in Bandung. The training sessions were attended by twenty people from Bandung Kulon, Caringin, Warung Muncang, Cijerah, Gempol Sari, Cibuntu, Hegarmanah, Ciumbuleuit, Kelurahan Ledeng, and Cidadap.

The speakers involved were Ignatius A. Sandy, S.Si., MT and Hanky ​​Fransiscus, ST, MT who are lecturers in Unpar Industrial Engineering Study Program. The presenters were assisted by four facilitators who are also lecturers of the same Study Program, namely Marihot Nainggolan, ST, MT, MS, Paulina Kus Ariningsih, ST, M.Sc., Alfian, ST, MT, and Dr. Sugih Sudharma Tjandra, ST, M.Si. As for, the material provided starting from the use of counting operations, counting and lookup functions, down to the presentation of data in graphic form.

This activity was welcomed by the participants. This is evident from the enthusiasm of participants in training. The latter also hope that the training will be conducted on an ongoing basis. By Holding of this training participants who are employees in the District or Sub-district are expected to be able to individually use Microsoft Excel applications more efficiently and effectively.