Parahyangan Reksa Raga

Parahyangan Reksa Raga (Pasaga) is a sports facility complex managed by the Support Service Unit / Satuan Pelayanan Pendukung of the Unpar Foundation. Located at Lembah Cisitu VI Street, Pasaga is accessible on foot or by motorcycle from around Parahyangan Catholic University’s main campus at Ciumbuleuit street No. 94, Bandung. It is also accessible by car through Siliwangi Street and Cisitu street Bandung.

Pasaga has more than sufficient field facilities for futsal, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Moreover, a jogging track is also available around the Pasaga complex as well as an International level wall climbing facility. On Sunday September 27, 2015 the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation / Federasi Panjat Tebing Indonesia of West Java Province conducted the rock climbing zone II qualification for PON XIX 2016 at Pasaga Complex Unpar.


Parahyangan Reksa Raga (Pasaga)

Lembah Cisitu VI Street, Bandung

Service hours: Monday to Sunday from 06.00 – to 22.00 WIB

Information: 022 61812636 / 082217004512