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Parahyangan International Law Society, Enriching International Legal Insight

Increasing competition in an increasingly open world demands the best quality of human resources in various fields of science. Everyone is required to have, not only the theory itself, but also the expertise and skill in practice according to the field of knowledge. Therefore, students have the need to prepare themselves through various practical activities, such as various student extracurricular organizations.

Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) supports the existence of various independent student organizations engaged in various disciplines, as part of the development of the quality of students’ knowledge and skills. One of these is Parahyangan International Law Society (PILS), which is one of the student organizations at the Faculty of Law of Unpar.

PILS activities are focused on channeling student interest in Moot Court competitions or pseudo-courts on an international scale. This competition demands the expertise of students in foreign languages, knowledge of international law, as well as the ability to develop valid legal arguments, both in written and oral presentations. This becomes an important provision for students when they pursue careers as legal practitioners. Evidently, many PILS alumni have managed to attain prestigious positions in leading law firms and government and private institutions.

In its development, PILS certainly faces many challenges. One is the lack of courage from Law students to join the PILS, which uses the English legal basis. In fact, if students dare to leave the comfort zone, PILS becomes an excellent place to develop their interests and talents as academics and legal practitioners.

The existence of PILS has yielded an added value for Unpar in its step to become a global university. This contribution is discernable in various achievements, such as the 3rd place overall, best memorial and Top 10 Oralists Award in the Asia Cup 2015 organized by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), and top 10 oralists in the National Round Jessup International law competition 2016.

Through good organizational development, PILS is expected to contribute more in the legal education process, especially as a means for students to develop themselves and optimize their potential.