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Nuffic Training – Business Coaching Session I

Centre of Excellence in Small Medium Enterprises Development (CoE SME), LPPM UNPAR in cooperation with Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands together held an event called Business Coaching for Sustainable and Responsible SME Business Development in Indonesia. This business coaching will last for two semesters, beginning with the first session held on October 6 – 10 2014 at Gedung Pascasarjana UNPAR and forwarded to the coaching assignment for Small and Medium Businesses during the period of November 2014 – January 2015. The second and third session will be held on January 26 – 30 2015 and April 13 – 17 2015 respectively. In the end of this event, the participants was expected to present their results of business coaching on a seminar, with guests from universities around UNPAR. This business coaching event is funded by Nuffic, the Dutch funding organization, collaboration from two organizations which is CoE SMA represented by Dr. Sandra Sunanto as the contact person and MSM represented by Dr. Rita van Deuren as the contact person. For the first and second session, training was facilitated by Prof. Vin Morar from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. The third session will be facilitated by Dr. Rita van Deuren. Number of the participants held to 18 lecturers which become a member of Coe SME, coming from many different study programs in UNPAR.

In the first session of business coaching, training materials included (1) General introduction to entrepreneurship, (2) Understanding & working with SMEs, (3) Effective coaching to SMEs, (4) Business development thresholds & corresponding coaching needs, (5) Problem solving tools, methods & guides for effective small business coaching, and (6) Business coaching competency standards & personal development action planning. Training method was done by explanation and theory comprehension, discussion and Q&A session, and practice to demonstrate the effectiveness of the implementation of business coaching.

This training aims to support the mission of CoE SME into an organization that supports the development of small and medium enterprises so that they could give a good performance contributing in Indonesia’s economic growth. The participants of the business coaching are expected to gain knowledge in conducting coaching, including concept, skill, methods and its tools in accompanying small and medium enterprises. Participants are expected to also have the ability to become a facilitator for business coaching training for lecturers/participants from UNPAR or other universities.