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Ngabuburit and Breaking the Fast with Unpar’s Partners

Entering the month of Ramadan is full of blessings, as there is no harm for every human being to strengthen the bond between people. This is a concern of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar). This year, Unpar once again held “Ngabuburit” and Breaking the  Fast activities as a form of unity between Unpar and its partners, especially with high schools in the greater Bandung area and various media partners.

The event which took place at Hotel Grandia on Friday (24/5), was filled with Tausyiah delivered by Ustad Gozali Abdillah Rahman. In addition, the activities were filled by the introduction of Unpar to the partners and the Breaking the Fast event. The event was attended by Unpar Rector Mangadar Situmorang Ph.D. and Vice Rector for Cooperation. Budi Husodo Bisowarno.

In his speech, Unpar’s Rector highlighted the importance of creativity in secondary and higher education. It requires collaboration and dialogue, not only among higher education institutions but also with schools. This cannot be separated from improving the quality of education in Unpar. “The only measure for us is quality, quality; this is what we want to make an attraction for prospective students,” he explained.

For that, the gathering activities are important as a form of interaction and exchange of thoughts in improving the quality of higher education held by Unpar, also self-development and student talent. “The talents of the students are what we see, we care for, we support and we help to realize their dreams,” he said. All this, he added, is nothing but a form of human spirit and devotion, in line with the core spirit of Ramadan.

Tausyiah before the break

The spiritual aspects presented by Ustadz Gozali were delivered in a relaxed yet meaningful way. He reminded the audience of the importance of the Language of Love in life. He pointed out through the activities of hospitality held by Unpar with its partners. “With meetings like this, we feel closer, more comfortable,” he said. Furthermore, extraordinary love not only rewards kindness with kindness but also responds to less good things with good. Because of love, things can become more beautiful, complicated ones become easy.

The human heart is reflected in the words of a person. Therefore, a loving heart will spread love through its words. Moreover, bad words can negatively impact and weaken a person’s mental attitude. “The important thing is to bring love because if it is love, it will be creative. Because love is all so innovative, “he said. The key is to always think positive and train the heart.

“Parahyangan people must be full of love,” said Ustadz Gozali. For that, he hopes that everyone can create love for others because with love all can transform to be better again. “Love is soothing. When people are at ease close to us we are full of love. Bringing love in every step of life is the key to making a better life.”