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“Meet the Alumni” by the Association of HI Unpar

Every alumnus/alumna who HAS passed the course, will surely have close ties with students who are still active active in college. In the 2016-2017 academic year, the Public Relations division of the Students Association of International Relations Study Program  (HMPSIHI) of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) conducted a new work program (proker) recently called Meet the Alumni . In this program, alumni of International Relations program (HI) Unpar are invited to be a speaker in the form of presenting guest lectures. The content within the program was in the form of the material based on each Kajian Bidang Ilmu/Field Study Analysis (KBI), which consists of KBI 1 to discuss security issues, KBI 2 to discuss the issue of political economy, KBI 3 to discuss issues concerning the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and KBI 4 to address the issue of the media. In addition to the content in the form of the material being based on the issue of per-KBI, there was a  sharing session from the alumni on the preparations and the actual experience when entering the professional world.

The first speaker discussed the issue of KBI 4 which took place on Wednesday (8/3). Annisa Kartabrata, HI Unpar alumni of the class of 2008 and a news anchor for Metro TV, took the opportunity to share knowledge and experience to the HI students. At the beginning she talked about her experiences during a college concerning the organizational life in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) such as when she became a member of the documentation division of the faculty initiation program, the cabaret division of PMKT (Pasar Malam Kampus Tiga/ Campus Three Bazaar), until he became part of the PR KSMPMI in the Student Association of International Relations. The words ‘Buku Pesta Cinta/ Feast of Love’s Book is no stranger to the students of FISIP Unpar pioneered by the FISIP class of 2008. At that time, they pioneered the creation of a short film that talks about life in FISIP Unpar entitled ‘ Feast of Love Book ‘, which until now BPC movies are created every year as an offering for new students FISIP.

In addition to her experience in college, with the topic Fake News (Berita Palsu), Annisa described some knowledge based on the reality in the world of media where she currently works. By working as a journalist/press officer, she gained important information directly from the source thereby minimizing the occurrence of false news. Avoiding fake news also requires media sources that are clear and accurate, and being careful in selecting the news that will be used. According to her, progress and sophistication of the technology has become one of the factors of the emergence of fake news in the world community.