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Living in Bandung

Living in Bandung

Bandung is a very beautiful city. Unsurprisingly, the capital of West Java Province is popularly called the flower city and Paris Van Java (Dutch sobriguet meaning the Paris of Java). The term flower city was first given due to the fact that there are large numbers of flower growing in this city but later it came to reflect the beauty of the city. Paris Van Java is a term given to compare the beauty of the city of Bandung to the city of Paris. In addition to the classic European buildings, this city is also well known for its fashion industry. Living in Bandung is a dream for most people as it provides multi-spectral comfort.

A Creative City

The city of Bandung, West Java, is well known as the city of youth or ideal for those with youthful spirit. The freedom of expression is a reason why the city is strongly associated with the image. The freedom of expression often stimulates creative ideas. The emergence of creative industries founded by the youths of Bandung is a proof that this city really provides opportunities for youths to develop.


Bandung is surrounded by beautiful views of the mountains, and is located on a plateau. The average temperature is between 17 to 27 degrees Celsius and the weather is cool and comfortable, providing an ideal climate for learning. The rainy season begins in September and the dry season begins in May.

Bandung is among the first choice for both national and international tourism. The scenery has made Bandung suitable as a natural tourism spot. Vegetation that can still be seen around the city has made this place cool and comfortable.


In addition to being famous as natural tourist spot, Bandung is also known as a shopping spot. The emergence of creative industries, especially in fashion has made it the city of fashion. This is also the reason why Bandung is called Paris Van Java, the world’s fashion city.


It is easy to find transportation in Bandung to cover every inch of the city. Public transportations like angkot /public mini buses and taxi are available in every corner of the city. It is also very easy to figure out the streets in Bandung when using your own vehicles.

People’s friendliness

The warm smile of native Bandung people can be found almost everywhere. The Sundanese culture has made everyone living in Bandung feel comfortable. The people are polite and not hesitant to help. This comfort has not only made people who live in Bandung happy but also gives positive energy that makes us possess the kindness, politeness and the spirit of mutual aid.

Culinary Attraction

Bandung is known for its thousands kinds of creative, innovative, and unique snacks and food. The creative society ensures that this city provides varieties of food suitable fordifferent taste bud.