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Learning the Chocolate Business Model at Pipiltin Cocoa Factory

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Parahyangan Catholic University (Prodi IAB Unpar) paid a company visit to Pipiltin Cocoa Factory, Jakarta on Monday (2/4). The event was joined by students who took the subjects “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”.

As a business operating on a small scale, Pipiltin Cocoa Factory proved successful in expanding its business into the Land of the Rising Sun. With the typical Indonesian chocolate flavor that comes from various regions in Indonesia, such as Pidie Jaya, Aceh, Bali, and so on, Pipiltin has established partnerships with various famous hotels in Indonesia. Grand Hyatt, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, and many other prominent hotels have become consumers of the Pipiltin Cocoa Factory.

Lecturers and students of IAB Prodi are also invited to get around the Pipiltin chocolate factory by looking at every process of chocolate processing, to become ready-to-eat chocolate. Participants are invited to see the process of fermentation until processing of cocoa beans to brown stems, ranging from roastinggrindingwinnowingrefining, and mixing. Not to forget the process of finishing chocolate liquid into various interesting forms with tasty flavors and delicious varieties.

Student enthusiasm was visibly aroused when asked to taste several variants of chocolate produced by Pipiltin Cocoa Factory. IAB Study Program Lectures consisting of Dr. Margaretha Banowati Talim, Angela Caroline, S.AB., MM., Shelvi, S.AB., MM., And Daniel Hermawan, S.AB., M.Sc., MBA. hope that through this company visit the students obtained a lot of new knowledge about the processing of chocolate, and able to o inspiration from a business model developed by Pipiltin Cocoa Factory. In addition, the company’s visit is expected to enrich the students’ insight into existing business processes in a company. (DH)