Learning Innovation Center

The establishment of the Learning Innovation Center / Pusat Inovasi Pembelajaran (PIP) was based on the organizational structure and management of 2013. PIP is tasked to facilitate the effort to continually improve the quality of learning in Parahyangan Catholic University through a series of basic methodology training for lecturers, compile guide books for learning, conduct reflective pedagogy training, as well as other trainings sessions on courses that can help lecturers to innovate learning and design student-centered learning processes. Consequently, learning activities are expected to become more interesting and students will be more spirited in improving their ability. Learning innovation also has an impact on inter-student interactions in order to achieve a humane academic community.

Therefore the main tasks and responsibilities of PIP are:

  1. To formulate strategies and compile a development plan to guarantee the quality of the learning process.
  2. To promote and coordinate the implementation of learning method and process development.
  3. To monitor input, process, output, outcome as well as the impact of the learning processes.


Learning Innovation Center

4th floor Building 0 (Rectorate)

Ciumbuleuit street No. 94, Bandung