Similar to Research Centers, Laboratories were established with the primary function to coordinate and facilitate research activities and publish research results in the form of papers and books within single or multi disciplinary fields of research. In addition to managing the lecturer-researcher resources, Laboratories also feature numerous activities and instruments to support research activities.

Laboratories are mono-disciplinary and therefore, are spread across various faculties, even though they are functionally coordinated by the Research and Community Service Institute/ Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM). Laboratories at Parahyangan Catholic University consist of:

  1. Structural Engineering Laboratory/ FT
  2. Geo-Technical Engineering Laboratory/ FT
  3. Hydraulics Laboratory/ FT
  4. Transportation Laboratory / FT
  5. Construction Engineering and Management Laboratory/ FT
  6. Industrial Statistics Laboratory/ FTI
  7. Industrial Engineering System Design Laboratory/ FTI
  8. Production Process Laboratory/ FTI
  9. Production System Automation/ FTI
  10. Production System Laboratory/ FTI
  11. Work Design Analysis and Ergonomics Laboratory / FTI
  12. Information Technology Laboratory/ FTI
  13. Applied Chemistry Laboratory/ FTI
  14. Chemical Reaction Engineering and Division Laboratory/ FTI
  15. Product and Process Engineering Laboratory/ FTI
  16. Bio-process and Food Technology Laboratory/ FTI
  17. Bio-mass Conversion Laboratory / FTI
  18. Membrane and Polymer Laboratory / FTI