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Universitas Warmadewa

A Visit From Warmadewa University Bali

Warmadewa University Bali visited Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) in the framework of comparative study.  Unpar Rector’s Mangadar Situmorang Ph.D welcomed the entire entourage in the Operation Room , Building 0 at the Unpar’s Rectorate on Friday (2/6). The delegation consisted of the Rectors, three Vice Rectors, four Faculty Deans, and a number of staff of Marwadewa University.

The Rector of Warmadewa University Prof. Dr. I Dewa Putu Widjana, DAP & E.Sp. Park said Warmadewa’s name was taken from the name of a Balinese King from the Warmadewa Dynasty before the Majapahit Kingdom. The name was given by the Governor of Bali (1978-1988) Period  Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra as a form of appreciation to the king.

In his speech, Dr. Putu mentioned Unpar as a brother for Warmadewa University which has been running for 33 years since 1984 and he hopes to gather information from Unpar to improve quality and accreditation.

Unpar’s Vice Rector for Research, Community Service, and Cooperation. Dr. Budi Husodo Bisowarno explained briefly about Unpar’s profile after the Rectors of Unpar and Warmadewa University completed their respective speeches. He explained the vision and mission, spirituality and basic values ​​of Unpar (SINDU), Unpar’s ranking at the national level, the current state of the university, accreditation of all undergraduate, the master’s and doctoral programs, employment classification and selection, development towards a digital library and others.

Questions raised by the group related to the management of systems, students, and bibliography. Answering one of the questions from the audience, Rector Unpar revealed that currently Unpar is developing a centralized information system for facilities and infrastructure.

Next, Dr. Budi as the moderator divided the group of 60-70 people into small groups which enabled more in-depth discussioin with Unpar according to their respective fields.