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IAEA Visit and Familiarization

On Thursday (10/8), Parahyangan Catholic University of (Unpar) was visited by a number of IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency ) teams in the promotion and familiarization of ” Atom for Peace ” for the  autonomous organization founded in 1957.

The IAEA is an organization that works closely with nuclear member and partner states around the world. The organization aims to promote peaceful nuclear use, oversight of deviations of nuclear use such as impeding its use for military purposes, including nuclear weapons. The IAEA Statute establishes three pillars namely safety and security science and technology, and safeguards and verification.

In addition to promoting the contribution of nuclear energy to peace, the IAEA is also promoting the use of nuclear energy for health, research reactors, and welfare in the fields of food such as building cooperation between farming communities and the food industry.

In the familiarization presentation, the IAEA also discussed the process of staff recruitment within the organization, such as the issue concerning the process of interviewing prospective employees online without going through direct meetings, hence enabling prospective employees who are abroad to have interviews.

Through this familiarization, Unpar students are expected to join the international organization and able to compete with prospective employees who come from various countries. It is also an opportunity and a first step for Indonesia in holding commitments for future initiative programs in the form of sending experts and provide facilities for human resource education and training in Indonesia.