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Kendalikan Komputer dari Jarak Jauh melalui EMG

Controlling Computer From a Distance With EMG

Friday (18/11), the Physics Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held an internal Physics seminar by inviting Xanno Kharis Sigalingging, a Physics alumnus of 2006. Xanno filled the internal seminar with information concerning electromyography (EMG). In addition to talk about EMG in detail, Xanno also conducted a demonstration of an EMG product that can be used to control computers from a distance.

In his research, entitled “Remote Physical Activity Monitoring for Elderly People Based on Wearable EMG and Radio Wave Devices”,  Xanno tried to create a system that can aid the condition and activities of elderly patients to always be known. Without breaking the privacy of  the old people,  the system is a part of Internet of Things (IOT) that uses EMG as sensor and transmission with radio wave. The signal is then processed through machine learning in order to monitor the condition of elderly patients. If the patients happen to be in perilous condition, the system will send an alert so that the patients can be saved.

Xanno, as he is familiarly called, is currently studying at the Taiwan National University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. On this occasion, Xanno also shared the tips and  relevant experience while studying in Taiwan.

Source: http://bit.ly//seminar-intern-fisika