Karate Club

Parahyangan Karate Club is a means for UNPAR students to channel their aptitude and interests in the martial art of Karate. Karate is a weaponless Martial Art, which is a way to anticipate unwarranted situation as well as to become the ultimate weapon to conquer an opponent in a final move. As a weapon-less Martial Art, Karate-do trains every part of the body systematically so that it can become a powerful weapon that is capable of taking down an opponent in one defining move.. “Karate-do is a lifetime study” – Kenwa Mabuni.

UKM Karate Club Unpar

Training Schedule : Contact Person :
Tuesday and Thursday

from 7.00 PM until finish

At the Rectorate Lobby (building 0)

Adi Nugroho Tanujaya – 085768872077

Facebook: Parahyangan Karate Club

Instagram: Parahyangan Karate Club

Twitter : @karateUNPAR