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Improve Capability with Postgraduate Education

Continuing college or working straight away? The choice often appears in the minds of undergraduate graduates, before or soon after completing their studies. There is nothing wrong with that choice. However, continuing college and entering the world of work, both have their respective advantages. This choice is also influenced by the interests and priorities of each individual, and therefore should be thought through.

For some people, continuing college to a higher level becomes an option taken after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. There are several reasons that encourage someone pursue a master’s education, one of which is the desire to develop knowledge related to the field of knowledge on purpose. There is also a master program that is not too closely related to the college degree to expand the capabilities that can support the knowledge that a graduate has.

In addition, postgraduate education can be a support for certain professions. This is because the differences in mindset and perspective are much more focused when compared with undergraduate programs.

Graduates of master programs have a more strategic view, while undergraduate education produces graduates whose thoughts are tactical. This answers the question, why many people have worked back to the lecture bench and pursued the master’s degree, as part of their own development and knowledge.

Various fields of science

As one of the private universities in Indonesia, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) understands the community’s need for quality postgraduate education in accordance with contemporary conditions. Since 1995, Unpar has organized a master program, and currently has ten master programs in various fields of science.

The master’s programs are Master of Management, Master of Law, Master of Civil Engineering, Master of Architecture, Master of International Relations, Master of Social Science, Master of Theological Science, Master of Chemical Engineering, Master of Industrial Engineering, as well as the latest Master of Business Administration (MBA).

All Unpar Postgraduate programs are supported by lecturers who have good competence in their field, with an excellent academic track record. Facilities for Unpar graduate programs, such as studios and laboratories, the comfortable campus atmosphere in the center of Bandung, digital libraries and data services, and other. also support the sustainability of an optimal learning process. As a maater of fact, Unpar provides scholarship facilities for students who excel.

Currently, Unpar’s Postgraduate Program has been integrated with Unpar’s faculties, precisely since June 6, 2018. The Unpar undergraduate program has been such a prominent figure, with the majority accredited “A” by BAN-PT.

The graduate lecture will deepen and broaden the knowledge of the knowledge of the degree program. Therefore, the quality of learning that has been owned by the undergraduate program is expected to improve the quality of learning the Unpar Postgraduate program. The scientific integration of Postgraduate management is expected to further clarify the differentiation and scientific gap between undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Pioneers in Indonesia

Not only at the masters level, postgraduate education can also be continued through the doctoral program. It is devoted to people who want to explore science conceptually. Doctoral education in accordance with the needs of academics-such as lecturers and researchers, not only develop the scientific aspect in each individual but also his/her field of knowledge in general.

With the trust of the people of Indonesia, Unpar became the pioneer private university that organized a Doctoral Program in Indonesia which was opened in 2000. Until now, Unpar has opened four programs that can be pursued, namely Doctor of Economics, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Civil Engineering, and Doctor of Architecture. Similar to the master’s program, the facilities and teaching staff of the doctoral program at Unpar are very supportive of the implementation of the quality learning process. In addition, the culture and conducive academic atmosphere make the graduate program superior and good choice.

Unpar opens opportunities for prospective graduate students to join by way of the online registration of Unpar Postgraduate Program. The process and submission of registration files may be sent directly to the Academic Administration Bureau (BAA) Unpar (Building 0 Rectorate 3rd Floor) before 2 August 2018.

Source: Kompas Griya Ilmu (Tuesday, July 24, 2018)