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Himahi News Won Silver Winner in ISPRIMA

Warta Himahi (WH), an internal magazine of the International Relations Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (HI Unpar) has maintained its achievement in the Indonesian Student Print Media Award (ISPRIMA) event 2018. The WH Edition 1 (August 2017) entitled “Hello!” was awarded Silver Winner WH in the category of The Best of Java Magazine ISPRIMA 2018. This achievement marks an improvement for the WH, which had earned Bronze Winner awards in the same category at ISPRIMA 2016 and 2017.

The awards theme “Unlimited Creativity in a Changing Era” itself was held by the Indonesian Press Companies Union (SPS Indonesia) at Mercure Hotel, Padang, West Sumatra on February 7, 2018, adjacent to National Press Day celebrations. The selected issue of the WH edition is one of four WH editions and 60 magazine editions registered for the event.

The Editor-in-chief of the WH Brigette Giovandretta, expressed her gratitude for the success of the WH at this year’s ISPRIMA. This cannot be separated from the hard work of the publishing team of WH and the innovation it has done lately. “In this period, which may be different from the previous one, is the cover change ,” she said. If the WH cover had previously been filled by photo composition, the WH cover is currently dominated by interesting illustrations. Other changes are also evident from the play of layout in the magazine, with a more diverse color play.

Brigette explained that the main judgments are seen from the cover of the magazine, especially the appropriateness between the cover with the theme being carried, as well as the creativity of the cover. “(and) Then, matched again with the contents, whether this cover represents the contents of the theme we take,” he explained. In accordance with the ISPRIMA theme, the WH filed four editions produced in 2017. “First, ‘Distanta Vikarsa’. Followed by ‘Gone’, ‘Hello!’, and lastly People of Color, “Brigette said.

Shee added that the achievement earned by WH in ISPRIMA this time around has exceeded the expectations of the editor. Starting from the notification from the committee that the WH had been selected as one of the winners in ISPRIMA. “Honestly, there we are really excited,” he said, especially because in the end, the WH was able to become the Silver Winner. She confessed, “It’s beyond our expectations.” Brigette hopes that this achievement will be maintained by the WH Editors in the future, and, “If it can be improved upon.”