Living in Bandung

Bandung is a very beautiful city. No wonder the capital city of West Java is called the City of Flowers and Paris van Java. The City of Flowers was originally given because of the many flowers that grow in this city but later became a nickname that describes the beauty of this city. Paris van Java is a nickname given with the intention of equating the beauty of Paris with the city of Bandung, because in addition to its ancient architecture which is closely related to European styles, this city is also famous for its fashion industry. Many people dream of living in Bandung because it provides comfort from various sides.

Creative City

Bandung City, West Java is often known for its city of young people or people with young at heart. Freedom of expression is the reason why this city is so strong with that image. Freedom of expression often stimulates creative ideas. The emergence of a creative industry that is initiated by many young people in this city is one proof that this place really provides opportunities for young people to develop.

The Landscape

Bandung is surrounded by beautiful mountain views and is located on a highland. The temperature ranges from 17 to 27 degrees Celcius and the weather is comfortable and cool, providing an ideal atmosphere for studying. The rainy season starts around September and the dry season starts around May. Bandung is included in the choice of tourism both nationally and internationally. The natural landscape that surrounds it makes Bandung also suitable as a natural tourist destination. Trees can also be seen in every corner of the city, making this place look cool and beautiful.

Shopping Tour

Besides being famous for its natural attractions, Bandung is also famous for shopping tours. The emergence of the creative industry, especially in the fashion sector, has made this city a fashion city. This reason also makes Bandung nicknamed Paris van Java, the world fashion city.


It is not difficult to find transportation in Bandung to reach every corner of the city. Public transportation such as angkot and taxis are available in every corner of the city. It is also very easy to recognize the streets in Bandung if you want to use a private vehicle.

Friendliness of the People

The warm smiles of the original people of Bandung can be found almost everywhere. Sundanese culture makes everyone who lives in Bandung feel comfortable. The people are polite and do not hesitate to provide assistance. This comfort not only makes people living in Bandung feel happy but also gives positive energy that makes us have that kind of hospitality, politeness, and spirit of helping each other.


Bandung is famous for a thousand snacks and foods that are creative, innovative, and unique. A creative society makes this place provide many food choices that are friendly to all tongues with different tastes.