GINTRE 2018, Getting to Know HI More Broadly

A student orientation period does not merely stop at the university or faculty level. The majority of study programs still have a useful orientation period to introduce new students to the scope of science both academically and in terms of social life while studying.

Parahyangan Catholic University International Relations Study Program (HI Unpar Study Program) with the International Relations Study Program Student Association (HMPSIHI) Unpar holds annual Gathering & Introducing International Relations (GINTRE) events, as an introductory event for new students. This event consists of two forms of activities, namely formal and informal sessions.

The formal session was a simulation activity of certain international forum sessions while an informal session is a simple event of familiarity. This year, formal events are held on September 23 and informally on September 29, 2018.

This time GINTRE carries the theme Wildventure and uses UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) as a form of a formal forum. An informal session was held a week after the formal event invites new 2018 class students to visit several Junior High Schools (SMP) and campaign and teach the importance of preserving and preserving nature through the international perspective they have learned in class lectures.

Alumni give back

One special thing about GINTRE this year is the special session with HI Unpar alumni. The alumni from various backgrounds shared their stories about various things they had learned at HI Unpar. Some of the alumni presents were Dino Kusnadi, who is now the Director-General of the European Region-1, M. Jaki Nurhasya, a Foreign Diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many more.

“Yes, so, I miss the campus, and also want to share with friends in 2018 about how I can guide their careers,” said Jaki when interviewed by the Unpar Publication Team.

The GINTRE program was increasingly distant from the concept of student orientation in the past. If usually ‘ospek’ is colored with seniority and unnecessary attributes, now everything of that nature has been eliminated. “Yes, there is no such thing anymore. The programs are set up to be more substantial and constructive to their new students, “said the Head of HI Study Program, Unpar Sylvia Yazid, Ph.D.