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FTIS Unpar Acts as Facilitator For OSN Mentor Training

On January 18-20, 2017, at Wisma Adhyaksa Bogor, the MPK Bogor diocese held a training session as OSN mentors for high school teachers from MPK Diocese of Bogor member schools for Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science.

On this occasion, the Faculty of Information Technology and Science (FTIS) of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) was entrusted to serve as the facilitator. the Mathematics Study Program of Unpar assigned Benny Yong, M.Sc., as the keynote speaker for the mentoring of Mathematics Olympics. The event was opened by the Chairman of MPK Diocese of Bogor, RD. FX Suyana, S.Ag, MMSI. From the total of 28 participants to three areas, there were 11 participants in the category of mathematics. The teachers were very enthusiastic and highly spirited in following the  training materials for  the Olympics for three days.

It is hoped that through this event, high school teachers from MPK members of the Diocese of Bogor may assist their students in facing the competition of Olimpiade Sains Nasional / National Science Olympiad (OSN).

Source: matematika.unpar.ac.id