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Find Your Golden Ticket To a Bright Future Career

The Career Development Center (CDC) of Parahyangan Catholic University held a career seminar entitled “Find Your Golden Ticket To a Bright Future Career” on Monday, May 9 2015 in the hall of building 9 (The Faculty of Economics). This seminar is a cooperation between the CDC and PT. Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret Group) with the purpose to introduce participants to the world of employment. As a representative from Indomaret, and doubles as the presenter, Ms Kezia (Human Resource Development) began her presentation with a video of Indomaret’s profile.

She spoke of how her colleagues sometimes complained when there were vacancies requiring the willingness to be posted across Indonesia. They were unwilling to accept the requirements, because it means leaving their “comfort zone”. Many avoided challenge, but the speaker believes that challenge has to be accepted if someone wants a bright career.

In her presentation, she also expressed her concern along with fellow Indomaret HRD when facing current fresh graduates who are unable to display good teamwork. They tend to be selfish in gaining personal achievement by disregarding their team. Therefore, in the event she focused on presenting the problem of teamwork, even though leadership and communication skills are also important. She believed that good teamwork will produce good careers. In getting good teamwork 7 essential skills for teamwork are necessary, namely, Listening, Questioning, Persuading, Respecting. Helping, Sharing, and Participating.

The event which was held from 09.00 WIB (Indonesia Western Time) was attended by dozens of students eager to improve their knowledge of the world of employment so that they are ready for it.