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Experience the Cone Penetration Test and its Application

Within the scope of civil engineering studies, especially in the context of setting up a construction project, an engineer needs knowledge of the hardness of a region to build the foundation, this study uses a tool called sondir or cone used in the Cone Penetration Test.

The Faculty of Engineering of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) under the Civil Engineering Study Program saw the importance of knowledge about the Cone Penetration Test and the use of sondir in various contexts ranging from construction to seismic wave analysis and initiated a seminar on the Cone Penetration Test, from 16 to 17 April 2018. The event was held in the Operation Room, Unpar rectorate building. In exploring the knowledge about this topic, this event features speakers from academicians represented by Prof. Paulus Pramono Rahardjo, Ph.D., as a lecturer of Civil Engineering Unpar as well as the invited speaker William F.Bond, technical manager of GeoMil company focusing on providing and consulting about the Cone Penetration Method and seismic study.

The rolling discussion of the first day continued with the enthusiasm of the participants. “I’m glad the first day’s participants are back,” Bond said when interviewed by the Unpar Publications team. “I think it is very good when this seminar is more attended by practitioners and consultants who are working in the field, although I also meet students and candidates for the master’s and doctoral degree,” said Lolom, a participant who is also an Unpar graduate. Most participants receive information about the event via email or through Whattsap group, “The private network is very helpful,” said David, one of the participants who found information about this activity through social media networks.

The full-day discussion runs intensely. The material presented by both speakers through presentation sessions is quite solid, including materials that have a high difficulty level. “in the undergraduate program (S1) we Just learn sondir, we were not taught like this, this is more expert-like. What we heard was very useful, such as the use of CPT in landslides and others. so, “said a committee who had commented. The participants were very satisfied with the explanation of Professor. Paul and William F. Bond in the seminar because it was considered quite specific and it can be applied in the business or study of the participants. “In my opinion, if we can make this a regular event, it greatly adds to our knowledge of topics like this,” he added.