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Emmanuel Yudhistira, Mawapres Informatika Unpar 2018

The annual event of Student Achievement (Pilmapres) provided a golden opportunity for Emmanuel Yudhistira, a student in the Informatics Study Program of Unpar class of 2015. “More out of curiosity. I want to try to measure my ability, “he said when he met Unpar Publications team, on Wednesday (11/4).

The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Directorate General of Higher Education (Ristekdikti) held the Pilmapres since 1986, to reward students who succeed in curricular, and extracurricular activities. The acronym “Pilmapres” was only used in 2017 while since 2004 it used to be titled Mawapres, an extension of outstanding students. Similar to previous years, this time the Pilmapres was divided into two categories, namely the diploma and the bachelor degree.

The Pilmapres elected the theme ” Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)“. Based on data on the Ristekdikti page, the number of participants who have registered in 2018, ie 69 undergraduate participants and 36 diploma participants. The objective of the Pilmapres title is not only to reward and motivate students to actively participate in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities in order to balance hard skills and soft skills.

To compete in Pilmapres was fairly easy. The criteria listed in the guidebook state the minimum achievement of the cumulative grade point average (GPA), the writing of scientific papers, listing ten outstanding achievements or abilities, uploading videos showing English language skills, and other criteria. Election procedures are also implemented in stages, ranging from majors, faculty, universities, regional private college co-ordinators (Kopertis) region, and the finally the national level.

Supporting applications for the visually impaired

Starting from the desire to help people in need, in this case, the visually impaired, Emmanuel who is familiarly called Yudhis, is trying to build an application to help the visually impaired person to navigate well in the shopping center. The application will work by recognizing the logos (on the store brand) in the shopping center. After recognizing the logos, the application will find the location of the intended store. Then, the application will provide GPS navigation assistance.

“So recognize the logo. For example, there is an app user standing in a shopping center. First, use the application (user location) where there are parts, “explained Yudhis describes the process of working the application he was working on.

“When the application takes pictures, the application will be able to know the location (the store),” he continued, “After (the application) has obtained the location, there will be live navigation, assistance.”

So far, the application, said Yudhis, is still at the concept and prototype stage. The involvement of the supervisor is helpful in completing this application. “I can get away with (university selection), one of them, thanks to my supervising lecturer. Many give references. There have been so many contributions, “he said.

Previously, Yudhis along with other students who became finalists at Unpar’s outstanding Student (Mawapres) Unpar following a selection of stages at university level.

The selection process includes the submission of complete requirements such as scientific papers (in English), list of achievements up to now, as well as other requirements documents. Meanwhile, the requirements are submitted through the Bureau of Student Affairs and Alumni (BKA) Unpar, for the next participants to make a presentation. Then, an assessment is made by the university and the selected students will represent Unpar.

Yudhis who was elected as representative of Mawapres Unpar (Undergraduate Program) has followed the next selection phase of Pilmapres, at Kopertis Region IV level, West Java. Currently, he is awaiting the results of the selection, that is to say, which selected students will represent the West Java and Banten regions at the national level.