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Dian Indah Carolina and Stories about WISSEMU

“Initially I was on the WISSEMU climbers team. But it all ended on the fourth mountain. So I helped them as a member of the Support Team until finally, they finished seven world summits,” said Dian Indah Carolina when met by the Unpar Publications team on Tuesday (10/7).

Dian Indah Carolina, who is familiarly called Caro, is a member of the Parahyangan Nature Lovers Club (Mahitala Unpar) organized by Parahyangan Catholic University Students. Since becoming part of the team of The Women of Indonesia’s Seven Summits Expedition (Wissemu), Caro has been joining an expedition since the first ascent to Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia, in 2014.

Caro’s interest in nature-related activities stems from camping activities and climbing Papandayan and Ciremai mountains while graduating high school. At that time, she first tried to climb up the mountain. It was so addictive that she continued to go to college, interested in applying for Mahitala membership. In Mahitala, recalls Caro, “There are many activities, like rafting, caving, climbing, and more.”

International Relations became her choice of study while attending Unpar. This was also one of her guiding spirits. “I was taking an HI course because I wanted to go abroad. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I am so happy especially with nature activities,” she said enthusiastically..

Reaching 3.5 world mountain peaks

“The stories are different for every mountain,” Caro said. Climbing Mount Carstensz, there were many helpful teams including a team from PT Freeport offering help.

“We have 10 teams. It was the first time I had ever climbed a very high mountain in Indonesia,” She said. First time I tried (climbing) ​​a high mountain. Its natural beauty is really something else. ”

As one of the 7 summits, Caro explained that Carstensz was one of the most expensive climbing destinations in terms of financing. This can be so because the management is still minimal and the location happens to be in the same environment as PT Freeport.

At the beginning of the climb, there were four people who joined the WISSEMU team. Due to certain obstacles, Zulfikasari had to resign and could not participate in the next climb.

Caro talked about her first journey through 4,000 meters above sea level, that made her suffer from altitude sickness (AMS). “It felt very dizzy. So this was altitude sickness. That’s what I had to face,” she recalled the journey of the first climb.

Aconcagua peak was the fourth mountain that the team reached (Dee Dee and Hilda). In the middle of the journey, Caro was forced to descend because her physical condition made it impossible to continue the climb. Previously, they had reached the top of Carstensz Pyramid (4,884 masl) in Indonesia (Oceania), Kilimanjaro (5,895 masl) in Tanzania (Africa), and Elbrus (5,642 masl) in Russia (Europe).

When forced to stop at Aconcagua

For Caro, Mount Aconcagua was the most memorable experience, even though she ultimately failed to complete the climb to other mountain peaks.

There was still a question mark at the time. She revealed, “Our food (the climbers) was the same. Everyone drank a lot. “Apparently, according to Caro, she experienced the kind of altitude sickness that usually attacks the climbers on the mountain, the Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). The immune system of climbers affected by the disease becomes irregular to the difference in height and speed of the climb.

“Initially I felt dizzy, nauseated, and began to lose appetite. They (Dee Dee and Hilda) went up and I went down again to the camp assisted by the team and porter,” adding that she underwent deteriorating body condition when reaching the camp.

Caro said Aconcagua is among the climbing destinations with qualified medical personnel and facilities. When she arrived at the camp, the next day she was picked up by helicopter and taken to a hospital in a nearby town in Argentina. At that time, the Indonesian Ambassador to Argentina Mr. Sinaga assisted in the treatment at the hospital.

“I Woke up in the ICU room. But it turned out I had been there for 2 days. Apparently, there had been burst blood vessels in my brain, “she explained.

Of course, the decision to get off the mountain while climbing Aconcagua made her sad. “Yes I felt sad and regretted when I was told to go down at Acon, I immediately thought that I could not go on (to other mountains). I did not want to be a burden, “said Caro.

Wissemu Support Team

Since being inactive as a Wissemu climbing team member, Caro became a Support Team member for Dee Dee and Hilda. Starting from Mount Denali to the last ascent on the summit of Everest.

Her role as a member of the Wissemu Support Team was as a PR in charge of media affairs. “I was the one with the report. Their public relations. And all things related to the media, “explained Caro.

She revealed, “When we reached the top of Everest, I wanted to cry. I once experienced being on a team of climbers. And being in the Support Team was just as difficult as being a member of a climbing team. “A support team must prepare a variety of needs of climbers so that the travelling is safe as well. The Support team also takes care of technical training, sponsorship, and cooperation with the media.

Lectures and daily activities

During her study at HI Unpar, Caro was interested in joining the internal organization of the Student Association: the English club (IREC) and the international speaking community (KSMPMI). She realized that at that time, she had better choose to focus on one activity, and she chose Mahitala.

“Actually there are a lot of HI activities that I have not joined at all,” she said full of laughter. Since last February, she had completed her studies at Unpar and officially became an alumnus of HI Unpar.

The experience gained during the active membership of Mahitala were plentiful. This is what makes her pay attention to and take an interest in environmental issues. In the future, she would love to work in that field. Combining roles in government and the environment.

“I want to work in the environment. For example in the field of government or NGO. Or between government and the environment put together, “she said enthusiastically.

Currently, while waiting for employment, Caro still helps Wissemu’s activities as a Support Team.

Caro: ” I have liked new things and challenges since childhood “

“Starting when I was small, I really liked to join wushu, swimming.  sports activities and tutoring as well as various activities outside the classroom (school subjects), “he said. Since childhood, Caro already liked outdoor activities.

The Native of Bandung is now busy with marine activities, such as diving and free diving. ” Freediving is fun, no need for equipments just go down. (This activity) relies on the lungs, “explained Caro.

“Maybe in the future, I’ll try surfing,” she laughed.

As the third child of three siblings, she revealed, the possibility of her interest is due to her father and mother. “Dad like mama enjoys climbing mountain. They used to tell the story how they used to love up to go to Mount Bromo, “she said this is in contrast to her two older siblings, who are less fond of outdoor activities.

She received full support from both her parents, as long as she was able balance her time with college. Even when she took the first plunge as a WISSEMU climber. However, it cannot be denied, the incident in Aconcagua made both her parents become more worried about her.

For my Unparian friends, Caro advised, “Use the existing facilities (Unpar) well. That is, for example, participate in (campus) events. ”

“Do not devote your time just to attend classes. The time in college is to explore and work, “she concluded.