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Deans of the Faculty of Industrial Technology and the Faculty of Information Technology and Sciences Handover Ceremony

The Faculty of Industrial Technology scientific community along with the Faculty of Information Technology and Sciences community concurrently witnessed the discharge of previous deans and the inauguration of the new deans on Monday (3/8) at the building 10 of Parahyangan Catholic University. Dr. Thedy Yogasara (the Dean of Faculty of Industrial Technology) and Dr. Ferry Jaya Permana (the Dean of  Faculty of Information Technology and Sciences) were entrusted to lead their respective faculties until 2019 after replacing Dr. Paulus Sukapto and Dr. Paulus Cahyono Tjiang, Ph.D whom respectively holds the position of Vice Rector III and Vice Rector I of Parahyangan Catholic University.

Lecturers and Academic staffs from both faculties in their respective batik uniforms filled the venue of the inauguration ceremony. The ceremony was also attended by representatives from the Foundation, the Rector and entourage, Deans, Heads of bureaus, Centers and offices. This inauguration ceremony is unique due to the special performance by the TUPETI (Tata Usaha dan Pekarya Teknologi Industri/Adminstrative staff and workers of Industrial Engineering) Acoustic group, which sang a song entitled “Rumah Kita”.

Dr. Paulus Sukapto conveyed his messages to his predecessor to become a conductor in leading the Faculty of Industrial Technology so that  his predecessor can develop it more than he did. He specifically mentioned the Electronics Study Program with Mechatronics Concentration that he said is analoguous to an infant due to begin its first class this semester. Paulus Cahyono Tjiang, Ph.D added that a leader has to serve and be willing to get his hands dirty. He even put forward an analogy that if a toilet is dirty a leader has to clean it so that those who serve beneath him will follow his example and responsibilities.

Dr. Thedy Yogasara quoted Benjamin Parker (a fictional character in Spiderman comics and films), “with great power comes great responsibility”. In his opinion leading the Faculty of Industrial Technology does not mean acquiring a position or a big power but it is more about carrying a big responsibility. The responsibility to make the faculty good in specific and UNPAR in general; the responsibility to improve the quality and prosperity of its human resources; and the responsibility to conduct the UNPAR’s Tridharma.

Similar to Dr. Paulus Sukapto remark, Dr. Ferry Jaya Permana conveyed the idea that being a leader is like being a conductor that regulates the harmony of a show. A conductor is nothing without the musicians and singers. He said that like a conductor, he is nothing without the support of  the Faculty of Information Technology and Sciences scientific community. Therefore in that instance, he asked for support to make the FTIS better.

Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D in his remark stated that the motto “to become a great university” can never be achieved without great faculties. And there will be no great faculties without great study programs. The foundation represented by Ir. Iwan Supriadi hoped that the new deans will continue the good things and improve the less succesful achievements from their predecessors so that UNPAR will be better.