Culturepreneurship: Cultural Creation, Innovative Industry

Participants in the Culturepreneurship seminar were amazed when three people dressed in the concept of Garuda (Indonesian Eagle) and Kujang (traditional Sundanese curved dagger) entered the Postgraduate Auditorium of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar). Like professional models, they glided gracefully, smiled to the audience, and posed in front of the camera. Their magnificent costumes had been designed by none other than the community with the theme of Indonesian local culture, which was proudly displayed overseas.

All three were brought directly by Dynand Fariz, the originator of the Jember Fashion Carnaval, which has been held regularly since 2003. The presence of three JFC participants colored the National Seminar entitled ‘Culturepreneurship’ on Saturday (3/11). This seminar, as revealed by Unpar’s Rector Mangadar Situmorang Ph.D. in his speech, tried to “try to find out where the essence of entrepreneurship is.”

The seminar was hosted by Dr. Elvy Maria Manurung, an entrepreneurship lecturer at Unpar Faculty of Economics and Philosophy. To introduce participants to interpret cultural entrepreneurship, a Professor of the Faculty of Philosophy Prof. Bambang Sugiharto opened the presentation through brief insights into culture, entrepreneurship, and the essence of cultural entrepreneurship. For Prof. Sugiharto, cultural entrepreneurship is part of the development of a society’s culture to achieve more values. ” Culturepreneurship is part of a cultural strategy,” he stressed.

From Bitung to Jember

The second speaker, Satria Yanuar Akbar shared his knowledge and experience in managing cultural potential into a tourism industry within the framework of culturepreneurship. This Unpar Management alumnus has just been involved in the Matasora World Music Festival and the Lembeh Strait Charm Festival (FPSL). Starting from the desire of the Bitung government to increase tourism, the FPSL has been held for three years, even though it has only been managed in a modern management style this year.

“I see that the future of this sector is very bright,” said Satria about culturepreneurship. Moreover, he continued, with the emergence of the phenomenon of globalization, the public is now competing to package their culture and ‘sell’ it to the global community to be enjoyed together. As he said, “pride in local identity is increasingly emerging and developing.”

The last speaker, Dynand Fariz, shared his experience of making JFC a world carnival event. Starting from the creation of his family, Dynand was able to initiate an international fashion event which was attended by 3000 participants and attended by more than 350 thousand people each year and placed Jember as a world carnival city. He wanted to inspire the audience of the seminar to be creative while introducing local culture to the international community. “In principle, all of these friends have the opportunity to work, work for the Indonesian people,” he said.

The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy C. Harimanto Suryanugraha, OSC along with his staff. The seminar participants who packed the Hall came from students, both from the Philosophy Faculty’s concentration of Cultural Philosophy as well as from other study programs, as well as the general public. The seminar was also filled with cultural performances and discussion or question and answer sessions.