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Comparative study between UMN-UNPAR

From the motto “Unity in Diversity”, on Friday March 13, 2015, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Jakarta (UMN) visited Parahyangan Catholic University’s campus in realizing one of its programs which is a comparative study of the Badan Executive Mahasiswa (BEM)/ Students’ Executive Body, better known as the Lembaga Kepresidenan Mahasiswa (LKM)/studentss presidential institution. The program was held in UNPAR’s building 9. The program was opened by forewords from Ricky Jiandy, the head of UMN’s BEM, followed by Priscilla, UNPAR’s student president 2014-2015.

The program was divided into four sessions. In the first session, discussion on membership and Students’ Executive Body structures with other student bodies (presidential system), and on each divisional annual program was held. The second session dealt with memorandum and articles of association (constitution and bylaws) and organizational strategy during presiding terms. The next session dealt with organizational funding. And the final session dealt with the mechanism for realizing programs under BEM-LKM. All sessions were concluded with question and answer session and general discussion.