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Company Student Administration Student Visit to PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia

As a prospective businessman, students must recognize the business thoroughly, whether in theory or practice. Through the company visit, students are expected to be able to bridge between the theory in class and practice in the field. Therefore, the Student Administration Student Association paid a company visit to PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia located at the Bukit Indah Industrial Estate, Purwakarta Regency, West Java.

While at PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia, Unpar lecturers represented by Yosefa, ST., MM. and Daniel Hermawan, S.AB., M.Si., MBA., as well as students of theBusiness Administration Study Program (IAB) were received by representatives from Indomobil Group and PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia. After receiving a brief explanation of the company profile and line of business being run, the IAB Study team was invited to see the company up close.

Using employee attributes in the form of vests and helmets, the participants walked together to visit the production and assembly of trucks and buses. A neat, orderly, and business-like process that runs according to SOP is an inspiration for students while observing this global business process. Not only that, students also learn about the ethics and ordinances when visiting the factory to avoid the occurrence of work accidents due to the very busy business processes.

After visiting the factory, students were also given the opportunity to conduct a question and answer session to find out various aspects of the business that exist in PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia, such as HR, marketing, operations, strategy, and so forth. The company’s visit, coordinated by Maria Lovenia Adventia, is expected to foster inspiration among the students of the IAB Study Program in viewing the business processes that exist in global companies. (DH)