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Community Service in West Nias

In recent years, the expansion of various areas in both the provincial and district levels has occur, aiming to accelerate the improvement of social welfare in the region. One of the areas of expansion is West Nias, whose presence is based on the National Law No. 46 Year 2008. West Nias has a population of around 90,000 inhabitants and consists of 8 districts: Lahomi, Sirombu, West Mandrehe, Moro’ö, Mandrehe, North Mandrehe, Lolopitu Moi, and Uli Moro’ö.

In accordance to the Tridharma, UNPAR has established a formal cooperation with the District Government of West Nias. Stated as formal because long time ago UNPAR has been working informally with Rectory Crosier (OSC) in Mandrehe in distributing scholarships to the community which can’t afford education in West Nias. The cooperation was signed on December 13, 2013 by Dr. Laurentius Tarpin OSC as UNPAR Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs and Zemi Gulo, SH, as West Nias District Secretary. Scope of MCC includes areas such as:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Government
  3. Economy, Financial and Industry
  4. Distribution of SPN-UNPAR Stichting Scholarship

As a realization of the cooperation implementation, on 12-16 October 2014 UNPAR team consist of Dr. Sentosa Sembiring, S.H.,M.H; Drs. Deny M.Tri Aryadi, M.Si; Aloysius Tjan, Ph,D; and Dr. Paulus Sukapto, MBA, performs community services in Mandrehe West Nias. The community service was implemented in the form of training covers several areas such as Village Governance, Village-Owned Enterprises, Public Works, and Management of Industrial Rubber. The event was officially opened by the Secretary-district of West Nias Mr. Zemi Gulo, SH. Participants who attended, among others are: Subdistrict along with Staff, Staff of Public Works and Head Department of Agriculture and Industrialization along with staff.